About Me

After school I studied dramatic art @ CADA in observatory for 3 years. In my 3rd year I however had a breakdown and realized that I would not be able to pursue a career in drama. I found the industry very stressful then traveled abroad. Dubai, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, London and Scotland and returned wanting to study art.

At the age of 25 I joined the Andrew Owen School of Art in Somerset West. Because I had never done art at school for long periods it was really difficult, but I was at a good age to realize how lucky I was to be able to study and worked really hard. I painted and drew obsessively for 3 years and qualified with distinction in my 3rd year. I then taught at the school for a while. Since then I have been painting non-stop and exhibit all year round.




On a more personal note –

I have truly been blessed for a long time. My son and I were alone and we both wished to belong in a family. I did a lot of soul searching and was determined to not let anyone but The One join in our sacred space. I ask the angels to send him to my door. In their divine time Deon joined us. He came waltzing to our front door with a purple Indian dress, and never left. We became a tribe and a year later Willow joined us. Now we are a family and loving every second…


We got married five months after we met. Finn and Deon’s son, Nico were the ring bearers. It was a silent ceremony, excepting for the roaring ocean. Our friends formed a sacred circle around us, bearing witness to our love…


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I paint every day. I walk to my studio still half asleep with coffee and start to paint. It is a beautiful way to wake. Gently I ease into the day… silent with my thoughts and paintbrush. In the afternoons we swim in the ocean and play in the garden. I pray that muses be sent my way and am always eagerly awaiting them. They come to me either at the beach, the shopping centre, walking next to the road. I see them and ask whether they would be prepared for me to photograph them. Then I paint her obsessively until the next one arrives…


I meditate, chant, light candles, swim in the ocean and stick my hands into Mother Earth. I work hard and honour my gifts and talents. I live honestly and openly, trusting that we will be provided for in abundance. I am so grateful for my husband and my two beautiful boys that I adore. I am grateful that I can paint every day. I am grateful for my passion. I am grateful for the Tribe and Mother Earth sustaining us and the Goddess of the ocean cleansing us, keeping us vibrant, together and fulfilled, and reminding us how much fun it is to play…Blessed Be.

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